Steadicam Package:

• Clipper 312

- 35 lb net Camera Capacity, Carbon Fiber 3-Section Post Which Extends the Sled from 26 to 49 Inches or Anywhere In-between, Dual IDX Battery V-Mount, Low Friction Gimbal, Stage with Tilt Head Tilts +/- 20 degrees, Professional Connectors: BNC for HD/SDI, BNC for Composite Video, 3-pin LEMO for Cam Power (12v), Tally Light Connector, 3-pin LEMO for Focus Motor Systems, HRS Power and Video Out for Transmitters

  • G-50 Arm

- “Geo” Revolutionary Design Extends Iso-Elastic Response Curve, “Ride” Knob Adjustable Control of Iso-Elastic Response, 32” Boom Range, Super Smooth Response Throughout Entire Weight Range, 10-50 lb Capacity

  • Ultra2 Vest

- Sound Stage Friendly Anti-Squeak Chest and Waist Buckle Design, Quick-Release Safety System

  • Steadicam IDX Power Cube Batteries (4)

- Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries Provides Performance for all Demanding Film and Video Applications. Featuring Continuous Draw up to 10A (110w) it Addresses High Rate Energy Needs for HD Video Camera Applications. Film Applications Provide the Ability to Withstand Extreme In-rush for High Rate Film Speeds. The PowerCube Provides Triple Safety Protection, meets CE Standards and is IATA Compliant.

  • TV Logic Multi Format LCD Monitor

- HD/SDI Color 7” Monitor, Framepoints, NTSC/PAL Composite, Tally Indicator

  • BarTech Focus Device w/ M-One Motor
- The BarTechs Rotary Style Control Module Can Lock Together to Other Units For Multichannel Focus/Iris Operation.

  • M-One Motor
-The M-One is the Most Powerful Motor in the Market. It Has the Capability to Turn any Lens, and can do so Even in Sub-Freezing Conditions.

  • G-Zoom Lens Controller

- Used for Canon, Fujinon

  • Bebob Zoe III Zoom Controller

- Used for Canon, Fujinon & Angenieux Lens’s

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